Harlem Black

black harlem group 00.jpg

Harlem Black is a portrait series that I shoot on the sidewalk in front of an abandoned storefront in Harlem. Borrowing a page from the late great Richard Avedon's American West series, I have a crude set-up on the sidewalk where I shoot commissioned portraits along with any passerby who might want to be photographed too. I never say no. And, It is hands down my favorite project to shoot.

Montayne's Rivulet


Montayne's Rivulet was developed in the late 1800's and revitalized in the 1990's to bring preservation to the northern part of Central Park. It still functions and I married the concept of revitalization and youth and fashion.



A week in the life of George Floyd Square and its surrounding areas in the Summer of 2020 as seen through my eyes. This is a work in progress.

White Table Paris


White Table Paris is portrait series shot in a rented room in a flat in Belleville. I like the concept of the 'dinner table' as it harkens to a very nurturing time from my childhood at my grandmother's house. So, I I seek out subjects to come and sit at 'my dinner table'. Some bring clothes, props, or just pose nude. Or, in some cases, I give them stuffed animal tiger's head to the break the ice. Trust me, it works. Stay tuned.