Harlem Black

Harlem Black is a portrait series that I shoot on the sidewalk in front of an abandoned storefront in Harlem. Borrowing a page from the late great Richard Avedon's American West series, I have a crude set-up on the sidewalk where I shoot commissioned portraits along with any passerby who might want to be photographed too. I never say no. And, It is hands down my favorite project to shoot.

Montayne's Rivulet

The only natural spring in a special secret

place in Central Park.


Created by Chicago Native Rodney Patterson, Esenshel is a men's and women's headwear collection designed to be an extension of the wearer. These images are from his upcoming collection.

White Table Paris

White Table Paris is portrait series shot in a rented room in a flat in Belleville. I like the concept of the 'dinner table' as it harkens to a very nurturing time from my childhood at my grandmother's house. So, I I seek out subjects to come and sit at 'my dinner table'. Some bring clothes, props, or just pose nude. Or, in some cases, I give them stuffed animal tiger's head to the break the ice. Trust me, it works. Stay tuned.