I am a photographer based in New York City. I studied at Indiana University and The International Center of Photography in Manhattan. My portrait work has been featured in magazine publications in the US and throughout Europe. And,notably, my work has been exhibited in art collectives and galleries with support of the Praz-Delavallade Gallery(LA/Paris) and The Fondslink Organization(Paris).


I had my first major solo exhibition “I Have a Tale to Tell” in Paris produced by René-Julian Praz for the Éspace Fondation EDF. And, later that same year, I was featured among 29 artists who support LGBTQ and Human Rights for “Over the Rainbow Project” produced by the Praz-Delavallade gallery in Los Angeles. Recently, I was featured in a group show at Relevation Gallery at St. John's in the Village for the 50th anniversary of Stonewall called Stonewall 50 where my work featured political commentary about the plight of the LGBTQ movement.


 At the moment, I am working on three personal projects. The first one is a conservation/portrait project that demonstrates contemporary perspectives concerning masculinity, body, vulnerability, beauty and a celebration of the individual photographed in the only natural spring in New York City called Montayne's Rivulet. The second project is my Harlem Black series. It is a street photo series mixed with commissioned work to local neighborhood celebrities to tv/film/theatre stars. And, as always, I am documenting the beautiful but sparse light that floods through my window in my very small apartment. The series is called ‘That Window in Harlem’. It is a visual conversation of body, beauty and life as I see it.


To see more work, please visit my social links below. Selected Commissions:  Elle South Africa, Elle UK, Gay Times Magazine,  Uomo Collezioni, Cool America Mag, Fucking Young, Ryker Mag, Vulkan Magazine, Razor Red, Pup magazine, Fantastics Mag, Vanity Teen, HBO, Iuri Shubladze, Inc., Supawear Clothing, Top Owens Shoe Campaign, Rubin Singer Look book, Marc-Antoine Barrois Paris.

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